Utilities Management Solution

Utilities Management Solution

The Utilities Management Solution is a comprehensive software which will be designed primarily for utilities company to automate, manage and control their daily operations. In addition, it will help the management plan, monitor and control the organization’s the organization’s performance.

Taking a case of a new consumer who wishes to use a utility facility like water. The software will manage applications for an account, produces the job order for the installation of his water meter, account for his water usage and finally produces his monthly billing.

From the water vendor, the software will allow them to manage their assets like meters, assign and management jobs like installation of water meters and repairs. The Financial Module will provide the financial and operational data via reports etc.

The UMS will include the following key modules:

Billings and Payment Module

This module manages the customer information, billings and payments. It allows the water organization to automate such tasks like generation of bills and reminders, customer record maintenance and also handles the payments from customers. The payment function can be integrated to third party collection systems.

Application Registration Management Module

It streamlines and minimizing the time taken in the registration of new applications. It calculates all the necessary fees and produces the relevant documentation like invoices, contracts etc. to complete customers applications. It reduces customers’ waiting time and ensure quick and accurate calculation of fees.

Human Resources and Payroll Management Module

The human resources module is designed for organizing, and controlling employees’ records. It allows the efficient management of all the employees of the company.

The payroll modules automate the tasks of payroll generation and maintenance. It ensures accuracy and efficiency in the payroll processes. In addition it reduces manpower and administration costs down.

Inventory Control Module

Inventory is one of the most important item in the financial and operational management of any organization. This module allows for the proper management of all inventory items. All items of inventory will be recorded movement tracked and usage properly accounted. It facilitates the efficient storage and efficient stock takes.

Assets Management Module

By using the asset management module, the utility organization allows the proper tracking and accounting of assets. Acquisition, depreciation and disposals of assets are properly recorded and reflected in the financial records. It also provides and overview of the value of an organization’s fixed assets position.

It provides seamless integration to the financial module for proper updates to the respective ledgers. With proper assets tracking, it allows for effective cost reduction in the purchase of assets and efficient utilization of assets.

Financial Management Module

The Utilities Management System is a fully integrated systems offering effective financial management via this module. The utility organization can derived substantial benefits for proper management of its cash flow. It allows for effective budgeting and forecasting to be carried out. It also ensures proper records and controls in the financial system. As a repository of financial data, its users will be able to generate up to date and accurate financial statements and reports.

Job Management

The job management modules manage the jobs undertaken by the organization. It creates jobs requests, assign the resources to the jobs created and monitors the progress of the jobs. It allows the proper management and control of jobs.


Key Enhancements of the Utilities Management Solution

The UMS is expected to include the following new modules and enhancements:

Business Intelligence Module

Management and operational metrics can be provided to all levels of organization via a variety of platforms. Different mediums and utilized ranging from graphical interfaces, portal and reports. Users will be able to carry out simulations or ‘what if’ analysis.

Distributed Network Management Module

Allows for the integration of the various distributed networks of a utility organization. Different local operations can be consolidated and managed centrally when using this module.

Mobile Reading Module

This will work in conjunction with mobile devices enabling the reading of meters be carried out using mobile devices.