Time Management Solution

Time Management Solution

Time Management Solution (TMS)- a time management system particularly suited to the services, projects and contract organisations. The TMS will be designed to assist these organisations to collect and manage their time- one of the key and non-renewable resources in project management. With integration to Human Resources Module (HR) and Enterprise Resources & Planning (ERP) Module, the TMS will act as the front-end where the information of the utilisation of the time resource is collected for vis-a-vis projects, jobs, contracts and then presented to the relevant stakeholders for management. The TMS will include the following key modules:

Time Entry Module

The Time Entry Module will allow the employees to capture in detail the time taken for performing task relating to jobs, contracts or projects they are assigned to.

Expense Entry Module

The Expense Entry Module will allow users to capture the expenses and disbursements relating to jobs, contracts and projects incurred by the employees.

Project Costs Module

The Project Costs Module will allow users to capture and track projects costs apart from time and other expenses in Time Entry Module and Expense Entry Module above. This will ultimately be linked to project cost accounting system.

Management Module

The Management Module allow users to generate management reports and important key performance indicators (KPIs).


Key Enhancements of the Time Management Solution

The TMS is expected to include the following new modules and enhancements:

Mobile Time and Expense Entry Module

The Mobile Time and Expense Entry will allow the capture of the employees time and expense using mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Universal Connector Module

The Universal Connector Module will allow the information captured by TMS to be integrated to HR systems and ERP systems.

Resource Planning Module

The Resource Planning Module will include the following key features:

  • Workload Management: This allows for detail planning of resources vis a vis assembling or creation of teams and monitoring of time and cost spent of the teams and its members on projects, jobs or contracts.
  • Employee Dashboard: The planning and control of resources can be carried out real time and visually with this module.
  • Budgeting: As part of the planning process, this module allows for the users to prepare and manage budgets for jobs, contracts or services.

Commercial Module

The Commercial Module will allow users to generate the commercial documents and processes like invoicing, claims and disbursements. The information will then be available for integration to ERP and HR systems.