SGSSO’s IT Outsourcing Services

SGSSO’s IT Outsourcing Services

SGSSO aims to be a provider to its global clients, focusing primarily in the provision of IT Outsourcing Services. SGSSO operations will continue to remain focus on their core competencies and in maintaining their leadership position in their relevant markets.

SGSSO is targeting Malaysia and neighboring countries as an ideal location in providing its specialized IT Outsourcing Services, led by its team of highly skilled professionals, defined processes and a structured yet flexible management systems.


Service Delivery Methodology

SGSSO Service Delivery Framework will be developed based to ensure that all service requirements shall be professionally and competently managed and delivered by the SGSSO SSO Team. The Service Delivery Methodology will be designed based on the following key areas:

Business Needs Analysis

At this stage the needs and requirements of the organisations are identified. The requirements are obtained through interviews, questionnaires and needs analysis workshops.

System Design

This is where the requirements are mapped to the system features and functions. Thereafter, a functional requirement document is produced containing the conceptual framework and the detailed design of the system.

System Build

The system will then be configured and customised according to the functional requirement document produced in System Design.

System Testing and Fine-Tuning

Once the system is built the client will then proceed to test it. This is done via user acceptance tests carried out by the respective users of the client organization. The results will then be analyzed and the system is fine tuned accordingly.

Data Migration

The client organisation’s data is then migrated to the new systems format. This involves the cleansing and checking of the data to ensure the proper data is imported into the system.


In this phase the users are taught how to operate the systems. They are also taught how to carry out checks and trouble shooting.

Live Run & Post Implementation Review

This involves then cut over from the old systems to the new system. The activities carried out would be monitoring the results, trouble shooting and final adjustments to the system. Once the system has been running for a while, a post implementation review is carried out to identify weaknesses and corrective actions to be taken. Also a review will be carried out to determine whether objectives of the systems are met.