Easy Security

Easy Security

NAV Easy Security saves time, money and resources

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV across your enterprise is an important investment of IT time, money and resources. So when it comes to protecting that investment, you’ll want to make sure your application is highly secure and only accessible by authorized users.

Yet as critical as security is to the success of your business, it is often an under-estimated part of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation.

Setting up security requires precious IT resources and time to get it right. NAV Easy Security for Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it quick and easy to assign permissions for multiple users across multiple groups
and companies – saving you valuable time, money and resources when setting up security.

NAV Easy Security does not modify any base objects. In addition setup is wizard driven, which makes integration of NAV Easy Security fast and simple.

Recordings make maintenance of permissions much easier

To help you manage multiple add-ons and customizations in the database, NAV Easy Security allows you to record permissions when building new roles or updating existing roles. Every change is recorded by the client monitor and used to build or update roles, greatly improving the process of maintaining permissions.

Analyzing the Source Code

With NAV Easy Security, you can also read permissions required from the source code and add any necessary changes automatically to build roles or manually add to role permissions.

The Source Code Analyzer can also be used as a data dictionary by developers. 20,000+ relations were identified in NAV 2009 SP1.

Simplifying object-level security

Normally, creating form-level, report-level and pagelevel security for users is a fairly complicated and timeconsuming task as thousands of changes to roles need to be made manually.

NAV Easy Security automates these object-level permissions in the roles, making the process very simple. Now you can easily see which users have access to which objects and which users do not; NAV Easy Security will automatically maintain permissions for the remainder of the objects.

Restore Points

Creating Restore Points ensures that changes to permissions very easily can be reversed should any problems arise. Restore Points can be imported and exported, giving you the flexibility to develop your security in a test system before importing it into the live system and publishing permissions.

Export and Import

Restore Points, Recordings and Built Roles can be exported and imported. This allows for testing in one database and an easy move to production.

Features and benefits of NAV Easy Security

  • Easy to limit access to critical objects (for example, Form-Level Security on G/L Entries)
  • Create groups of roles
  • Create groups of companies
  • Use “Permissions as User ID”
  • Summary of permissions for a login
  • Ability to always go back to previous permissions with Restore Points
  • Simplified administration
  • Easily add multiple roles or objects
  • Add relations based on Source Code
  • Record permissions
  • Where-used for roles, objects and companies

Source Code Analyzer adds permissions used for table relations or flowfields and makes it very easy to look up forms or other objects used for certain tables. The Source Code Analyzer also works as a great Data

Ability to record permissions with the Client Monitor from Classic Client. Roles based on the recording work for both Classic and RoleTailored Client.

A flexible solution that works with both RoleTailored Client and Classic Client

The NAV Easy Security application is available for the RoleTailored Client and the Classic Client; however, a few technical features can only be done from the Classic Client.

Maintaining permissions for logins and building roles can be done from the RoleTailored interface. We also
offer a new Role Center for the task of maintaining security, giving you one easy, centralized place to
manage permissions.

Easy Security: Available as three modules

14119010 Easy Security Base – offers a comprehensive set of features, including ability to set up login permissions, Role Permissions, Restore Points, etc.

  • Security as user ID
  • Groups of roles and companies
  • Object-level permissions
  • Role maintenance
  • Restore Points

14119020 Easy Security Source Code Analyzer – identifies where an object or data is necessary within the application; can also be used as a data dictionary

  • TableRelations, FlowFields, SourceTables, Dataltems and Permissions are identified
  • Can be used as a data dictionary by developers

14119030 Easy Security Role Builder – builds and maintains roles in an easy way, ability to add multiple recordings and permissions together, build new roles or add to existing roles by adding recordings

  • Build roles combining multiple recordings and permissions
  • Recordings with client monitor

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