About Us

About Us

SGSSO Global SSO Sdn Bhd (SGSSO) is committed to provide the most efficient and effective Information Technology (IT) services and solutions to the local and international IT industry. SGSSO’s main aim is to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of services and solutions by utilizing state of-the-art equipment and having a team with outstanding consulting and support skills and capabilities.


SGSSO aims to create and deliver its services within the expectations of its customer’s desires and ensures that all project deliverables meet the quality assured. SGSSO is confident of becoming a recognized leader in the field of IT Outsourcing Services Provider because of the following key advantages:

SGSSO’s support services will be strategically established in the location of Malaysia and have an effective marketing proposition, which is strongly supported by market demands for cost effective and reliable IT Outsourcing Services.

SGSSO’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced working staff force will provide new and innovative ideas to further strengthen SGSSO offerings to the market.